What is the meaning of soil level in washing machine

The Soil Level setting in washing machine is used to tell the machine how dirty the clothes are. You can adjust soil level settings to get the right clean for your laundry. In simple language, it’s a way to inform your washing machine how dirty the clothes are and choose appropriate washing to clean the cloth.

In addition to improving the quality of the wash, soli level technology also helps to reduce energy and water consumption, which is especially important in India where water scarcity is a significant issue. By using less water and detergent, washing machines with soli level detection technology can help to conserve resources and reduce the environmental impact of laundry.

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What are different soil levels in washing machines

Different washing machines may have varying soil level settings, but generally, most washing machines have the following standard soil level settings:

  • Light Soil: This setting is suitable for clothes with minimal dirt, stains, or sweat. It uses less water, energy, and detergent than the other settings.
  • Normal Soil: This setting is the most commonly used and is suitable for everyday clothing with moderate dirt and stains. It uses a moderate amount of water, energy, and detergent.
  • Heavy Soil: This setting is suitable for heavily soiled clothes or items with tough stains, such as work clothes, sports uniforms, or muddy clothes. It uses more water, energy, and detergent than the other settings.
  • Extra Heavy Soil: This setting is suitable for items that are heavily soiled and require a deep clean, such as pet bedding, heavily soiled linens, or dirty rugs. It uses the most water, energy, and detergent out of all the settings.

Some washing machines may have additional soil level settings such as “Super Heavy Soil” or “Delicate Soil” for specific types of fabric or for very heavily soiled items.

It’s essential to read the washing machine’s instruction manual to understand the recommended soil levels for different types of laundry to avoid damaging your clothes or the washing machine.

Soil Levels in Whirlpool, LG and Samsung Washing Machines

Soil setting in Samsung washing machine

The most common washer levels in Whirlpool, LG and Samsung Washing Machines are:

  • Normal
  • Light
  • Heavy

what does heavy soil mean on washing machine?

Heavy soil cycle in washing machines is designed to remove stubborn stains and heavy dirt from your clothes. It uses a higher water level, longer washing time, and more aggressive agitation to achieve a thorough cleaning.

Should I Always You Heavy Soil?

Heavy soil cycle should be used only for heavily soiled clothes that require more cleaning power. Typically, clothes worn during outdoor activities or working in industries need a Heavy Soil wash. If your clothes are only lightly soiled, a regular cycle will suffice.

How Long does a heavy soil wash take?

Generally, it takes longer than a regular cycle, typically ranging from 60 to 90 minutes. This longer wash time allows the machine to thoroughly clean your clothes, but it also means that heavy soil cycle uses more energy and water than a regular cycle. Nevertheless, it is still an efficient way to clean heavily soiled clothes, as it ensures that all dirt and stains are removed, even from the toughest materials.

Is heavy soil cycle bad for laundry?

Heavy soil is not bad laundry, but it should be used only when necessary. It is designed to handle heavily soiled clothes, and using it for lightly soiled clothes or delicate fabrics can cause unnecessary wear and tear. Further, it can also increase the carbon footprint and energy bills if used unnecessarily. However, if used correctly, heavy soil cycle can actually extend the life of your clothes by thoroughly cleaning them and preventing the buildup of dirt and stains.

Does heavy soil cycle impact the washing machine itself?

Heavy soil demands higher water levels, longer wash time and more vigorous agitation. This can put extra strain on the machine’s components, such as the motor and bearings. However, you should understand that the machine is designed in such a way that it can withstand all these when you use Heavy Soil setting. But it is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and use heavy soil cycle only when necessary. Additionally, regular maintenance of the washing machine can help prolong its life and prevent breakdowns.

Does heavy soil level mean more water?

Yes, it does. Since heavy soil cycle requires a higher water level to thoroughly clean the clothes, it will use more water than a regular cycle. This is something to keep in mind if you are trying to conserve water and energy, as heavy soil cycle may not be the most environmentally friendly option.

Light Soil Level in Washing Machine

Light soil level on a washing machine is an option designed for clothes that are only slightly soiled. It uses a lower water level and a shorter washing time, which makes it more efficient for washing clothes that are not heavily soiled. The light soil cycle is typically used for everyday clothes, such as shirts, pants, and undergarments, that have light stains or dirt. It is also ideal for washing delicate fabrics that require gentle treatment.

Using light soil level on a washing machine is a great way to save energy, water, and money, while still getting your clothes clean. It is a more environmentally friendly option than using heavy soil cycle for clothes that are not heavily soiled. By using light soil cycle, you can avoid unnecessary wear and tear on your clothes and washing machine, while also reducing your carbon footprint.

How long does a light soil wash take?

A light soil cycle usually takes between 30 to 45 minutes, depending on the brand and model of the washing machine. This shorter wash time makes it a more time-efficient option for those who need to do laundry frequently. Additionally, light soil cycle uses less water, which can help reduce the water bill and conserve water resources.

Soil Level Settings for Different Types of Clothes

What soil level for hoodies?

If the hoodie is heavily soiled with stains, then heavy soil cycle should be used. If it is only lightly soiled with minimal dirt or sweat, then light soil cycle can be used.

If you are washing your hoodies after an outdoor activity, a Heavy Soil wash might be the way to go. Otherwise, Light Soil wash would be more than enough.

What soil level should I use for blankets?

For heavily soiled blankets, such as those used for pets, heavy soil cycle should be used. For lightly soiled blankets, such as those used for decorative purposes, light soil cycle can be used.

What soil level for towels?

If the towels are heavily soiled with dirt or bodily fluids, then heavy soil cycle should be used. If they are only lightly soiled with minimal use, then light soil cycle can be used. It is important to note that towels should be washed separately from other clothes to avoid transferring bacteria or germs.

In summary, Soil level is an effective way to ensure the right settings for your washing based on how dirty your clothes are. The three common soil settings in washers are Normal, Light and Heavy. Although Heavy Soil setting gives the best wash for dirty clothes, you should use it only when necessary. The bottom line is that you can make an informed decision about how to best care for your clothes and your washing machine.

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